I've catalogued my collection here so you can see some examples of these beauties. If you aren't a collector, a couple notes to help you along:

  • Kuhn Nos. Rudy Kuhn, who sadly passed away Spring 2000, is known around the world for this Poison Bottle Workbooks, the most widely recognized reference work for poison bottles today. He devised the numbering system I have used throughout the site. The K numbers include a single-letter character which designates the basic shape of the bottle (rectangle, round, triangle, etc.) and a sequence number.

  • BIMAL and ABM These are abbreviations which describe the manufacturing process. BIMAL stands for Blown In Mold-Applied Lip. These bottles were hand-made in two steps, one for the body and the other for the lip; ABM stands for Automatic Bottle Machine. An easy way to determine how a bottle was made is by looking at the seam. On an ABM bottle, the seam runs through the lip, whereas BIMALs have no seam in the lip (since they're applied later).

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